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Systemised marking

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Systemised marking with our coordinated complete system
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One of the main requirements of a marking system is that it clearly shows how your components are configured. A precise print image, convenient handling and the guarantee of usability in an industrial environment are also essential.In addition, the software should provide you with optimum support during data entry and management, and during marker output, the speed should be adaptable to your needs.


Through our process of continuous improvement, we have developed a unique, complete labelling solution consisting of software, markers and printers – so we can now offer the right marking solution for each of our products. Our harmonised product line is a systemised approach to labelling that provides you with a solution for all identification needs in and around the electrical cabinet.


We are sure you will be won over by our marking system. We don't just offer you a complete, convenient process chain from data entry to ready-for-use markers for your individual cabinet configuration. We offer you marking solutions that are already geared towards the future requirements of progressive automation. This means you are always one step ahead.